My babys have found a new home worldwide and I feel very honoured that GERBA , DADE ; PROUD, HRBG, CRIB and ERA acknowledged my work. Thats a sign for my very highquality work.
Im also proud that I won the place in Hennef/ Germany september 2004 in a big dollcontest and Im sure that many will follow because Im proud of what Im doing. To create such little angels out of something inconspicuous with all my love and heart. Reallifebabys -dolls like children.


I am honored-now I am Elitemember of PROUD since 09/2007

Membership to the guild is strictly by invitation only.

The members of PROUD are chosen for their outstanding work in the field of reborning.

When you own a PROUD baby, you can be guaranteed that your baby is of the highest quality.

STAR Members can proudly display their emblem knowing they have been awarded this for their outstanding achievements in Reborn Artistry.
They are committed to perfection and aim only to produce Babies of Realism of the highest quality.
Chosen Badge holders are dedicated to customer service of the highest level.

Im a member of GERBA and MAMRH since spring 2004.

GERBA (Guild of Exceptional Reborn Baby Artistry)
Has been created to celebrate and support
the talents of Reborn Artists in Europe.
Each of our members has been selected for their
Outstanding dedication to excellence,
their highly regarded creative innovation
and perfection in the art of reborning,
and their exceptional level of customer care.
Adopting a GERBA Baby will ensure your complete
Satisfaction and a doll of truly heirloom quality.

MAMRH is a subsidiary of the GERBA guild. We are a group of dedicated Reborn Artists who are keen to bring greater attention to the very special technique known as "micro-rooted" hair.
As lovers of this technique, members of MAMRH are committed to bringing you the most realistic baby hair possible on a doll. Micro-rooted hair is achieved by using very fine needles to implant genuine, premium mohair directly into a doll's scalp, following the natural growth patterns of real baby hair. By the time a head of hair is finished, thousands of individual hair follicles have been implanted, each one by hand. Understandably, "micro-rooting" is a painstaking process, taking many, many hours to achieve, and as such, is a true luxury.
As well as looking incredibly realistic, micro-rooted hair is very versatile enabling numerous styling options. A micro-rooted baby's head can be gently washed, combed, and brushed to suit all your styling needs. And best of all, when done correctly, it is strong and durable ensuring a doll of heirloom quality.Micro-rooted hair was developed in the USA, the home of Reborn Baby dolls. We would like thank all our customers who have supported our efforts to make this technique more well-known and appreciated in the UK & Europe. And to our new customers, once you have experienced micro-rooted hair, we are sure you will be as mad about it as we are!

Im a member of CRIB since 2005.


Artists displaying the CRIB Logo are passionate & relentless in persuit of the "Perfect REBORN" knowing there is no higher calling.
They are committed to perfection and aim only to produce Babies of Realism, distinctive Beauty & impeccable quality.
Their Reborning Techniques must meet or exceed Industry Standards & they must strive for excellence in all areas of conduct & customer Service.
Members of CRIB support one and other, and respect the work of all other artists and guilds, whether they be just starting out or are known worldwide.
CRIB is proud to have members from UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, AUSTRIA and GERMANY.

Im a member of ERA since 2006.



( Exceptional Reborn Artistry Guild )

Im a member of D.A.D.E. since 2006.

D.A.D.E. guild has been formed to reunite a small group of doll artists and friends committed to create reborn dolls and baby sculpts that reflect the highest standard of superb quality. The purpose of D.A.D.E. guild is to promote quality and professionalism in the two arts and to cultivate friendship among the member artists. Artists showing D.A.D.E. logo support each other's creations and offer baby dolls you will treasure for the rest of your life.



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