Welcome to the Page "Reborntools for Reallifebabies"

little foreword

What does it mean reborn? Long time ago couple women out of the US have had the idea to create highquality dolls the way that they look much more realistic.They wanted to do that because they weren´t satisfied with their dolls anymore and they wanted them to look realistic. That was the origin of Reborning. The Rebornvirus came to europe around 1998/99 and now almost the whole world is infected from it. But not just reborning was invented from thes women, also Microrooting and the newest  "Real-Skin-Technique"

On thes pages you don´t just find tips and hints to reborn a reallifebaby I also show you couple secrets of reborning. Not that many Reborners are giving informations like this away.

 During the last couple months I got a lot of Mails asking for hints for reborning or they were asking if I give rebornlessons. If its possible for me I´ll start lessons for Beginners and of course also for advanced Reborners in september. It´s worth to take a look at these pages every now and then to check for updates.

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